Rhomboid Prism

Rhomboid prism is a reflecting prism that is rhomboidal in shape.It has two parallel transmitting faces,and two parallel reflecting faces; the latter are oblique to the former(usually but not necessarily at 45°).This prism is capable of off-setting the optical axis without changing the aspect of the image.If the rhomboid prism is rotated around an axis normal to the entrance surface,the offset emergent at axis can be moved parallel to itself in a circullar arc; hence pairs of these prisms often are used to provide interpupillary adjustment of the eyepiece of binocular instruments such as stereoscopic rangefinders and heightfinders.

Material: BK7 grade A optical glass
Dimension Tolerance: +0.0, -0.1mm
Clear Aperture> 90%
Surface Quality
          Standard: 60-40 scratch and dig
          Precision: up to 20-10 scratch and dig
Flatness: up to λ/10 @632.8nm
Parallelism: up to 5 arc seconds
Angle Tolerance up to 5 arc second
AR Coating: R < 0.2%@center wavelength                                                                                  
Bevel: 0.2mm

●  Other sizes and coatings are available upon request.

Rhomboid Prism/Prisma romboidal/romboid Prism/prisme rhomboïdal/romboidal Prism/rombusz Prism/Prism romboidale/ромбовидные призма